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IndoGenius is directed by the firm belief that the next chapter of the human story will in part be defined by the economic and intellectual re-emergence of India and that its global partners can learn from, as well as contribute to, this re-emergence.

IndoGenius designs innovative immersion programs for students and young professionals around the world, while facilitating international science collaboration and presenting a case for greater engagement with India. Learn more about our work by watching this interview on the Indian Parliament’s Lok Sabha TV channel.

Our Coursera Massive Open Online Course

Whatever your interests, this course will help you develop a more informed perspective on the importance of India. The sheer diversity and scale of India are reasons enough for making India not just important but fascinating too.

Learning about India has never been more relevant to our lives. This course has been developed through a grant from the U.S. Department of State’s Passport to India initiative – which is run by the Ohio State University and IndoGenius. We are teaching an online course to introduce people of all backgrounds to India and its potential as a destination for study, research, work and entrepreneurship.


I have now seen how much the rest of the world will soon depend on India.
client Oliver Maskell | University of Oxford
IndoGenius gifted a month like no other to me and my colleagues. They've inspired a group whose past and future is now entwined with India.
client Ewan Frost-Pennington | University of Edinburgh
Put very simply, it is the hard work and sheer force of imagination present within IndoGenius that made the program an unforgettable experience.
client Jemille Gibson | Kingston University
IndoGenius' knowledge of the area, culture, language and history is something that cannot be replicated and the team was so heavily involved with the running of the programme that, not only did everyone have an incredible time, we also made some lifelong friends.
client Rhana Nicholson | University of Liverpool
I would fully recommend this unforgettable experience organized by IndoGenius to all students who wish to view the world from a different perspective, as well as pushing their own career options further.
client Calum Cochrane | Arts Institute at Bournemouth

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